How to Re-Upholster a Chaise Chairs of Lounge

May 1st

Chaise chairs¬†is good and decorative for your living room as the interesting place to sit down there and enjoy gathering together with lovely family.¬†Chaise chairs of lounge, sometimes called “fainting chairs,” are furniture room or bedroom, with interesting shapes. They generally have a similar to a loveseat length, but are more similar to the shape of a chair and ottoman. If you have a worn chaise lounge, you can bring new life back to upholster it with a material that coordinates with your favorite decorating style.

Bianca Chaise Chairs
Bianca Chaise Chairs


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1. Removes previous web parts, section by section. Use a flat screwdriver to pry the staples out of the wooden frame of the chaise chairs. These parts should be removed as gently as possible so they can be used as templates for new upholstery.

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2. Replace any part of the frame, wadding or foam upholstery, as needed. Before applying the new upholstery, make sure your chaise chairs is filled and shapely.

3. Place a piece of muslin cloth over the area you want upholstery. This step is only necessary if the parts could not retain previous fabric.

4. Place muslin templates or the original parts on the new upholstery fabric.

5. Strained the fabric on the bottom of the chair. Engrampa fabric pieces directly to the bottom of the wooden frame.